Support for Supportgivers

Improving Relationships and Personal Space Within Long-Term Care Environments

A Warm Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. We invite you to sit back, relax and have a warm cup of coffee or tea, knowing that you have found the right place for help in providing a positive environment for your loved one.

– Carol

The Role of the Supportgiver

A supportgiver differs from a caregiver. A caregiver administers direct physical, psychological or spiritual care. Nurses, therapists and pastors are all examples of caregivers.

A supportgiver focuses on a different set of needs, such as attending to the personal environment, making meaningful visits, helping

with decisions and correspondence, paying bills, setting appointments and becoming a caring advocate.

As a supportgiver, one is relieved of the physical and emotional stress of direct caregiving, thus enabling him or her to spend quality time supporting a loved one.

Let’s Have a Talk

Carol’s presentations are designed to benefit family members, friends and professional volunteers who are involved in long-term care decisions and/or searching for ways to enhance a loved one’s life.

Let’s Talk About Visiting in Nursing Homes

Teaches participants how to apply the supportgiving role, structure stimulating activities, identify suitable gifts, and meet emotional and spiritual needs while finding joy in the journey.

Let’s Talk About the Nursing Home Decision

Teaches participants how to apply the supportgiving role, utilize a team approach, prepare for the nursing home decision, research facilities, personalize the new environment, and meet grooming needs while finding joy in the journey.

Custom Presentations

Talks are available for specific group needs, such as for church volunteer visitors, Stephen Ministers involved in continuing education, and support groups.

What Carol Has To Say

Carol’s publications are thoughtfully written with the intention of delivering confidence and peace of mind to caring supportgivers.

From Caregiver to Supportgiver: A Christian's Guide to the Nursing Home Experience

From Caregiver to Supportgiver is a 2016 revised edition of Personalizing the Nursing Home Decision, a 2002 publication.

The guide focuses on helpful advice and encouragement for the supportgiver. Topics include preparation and steps in the decision process, facility search guidelines, pre-move considerations, personalization of living space, grooming, visitation and gift giving ideas, and the importance of emotional and spiritual awareness.

Meet Carol

Carol O. Linneman RN, MSA

During a recent search for positive moments during a loved one’s nursing home journey, Carol missed many opportunities to create joy—unknowingly and unwillingly. She knew there were occasions to create joy, to be a “sunspot.” However, due to a lack of suitable resources, she felt alone in her search for shaping positive moments.

As a result, she is now committed to helping others make the most of long-term care situations and discover joy in the process.

Carol is a Registered Nurse with a Master Degree and Graduate Gerontology Certification. Having worked and studied in long-term care settings and personally experienced nursing home life as a supportgiver, Carol offers assistance to other supportgivers through her guides & talks.

Carol's Current Tip

Create and print out a positive thought or message for a full week or month at a time.  Place each one in a separate envelope, each clearly numbered on the outside. Then mail entire set of envelopes with “instructions” to open only one envelope daily…and no peeking! 😊

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